Poci is a place
that speaks to your soul
Here everything has a voice...
the blades of grass, the wind
rustling through olive groves and vineyards...
... the seasons, following each other in the hills,
the stones that defy time.

Wine Tasting

The Intent

to listen

Poci is a story about caring.

About caring for the land, for all its different spaces and for the people who come here.

This caring is an expression of the gratitude and respect we feel for the nature surrounding us.

We invite you to listen to everything, to the story of Poci and also to the atmosphere of quietude and peace that is at the heart of this place. We want to share with you the mystery of the forest, the first buds on the vines, the magic in the riverbed and the sky filled with stars.
The sounds of nature mingle with voices coming from the fields and from the wonder of those arriving here for the first time. Open your senses as you taste the wines that are born on this land. Take your time to listen to what surrounds you and what is inside of you. Experience stress slowly giving way to a pleasant feeling of calm. It is in that moment, here, that you will feel yourself at home.


Ho tante cose da condividere con te.

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The products

 Wine and Oil from our organic ecosystem

Stop for a moment to discover the characteristics and features of Poci’s products.

The Spaces

The many faces of a unique place


Poci is an old Tuscan farm, on the sunny slope of a hill, in the heart of Chianti, halfway between Siena and Florence.
Above the vineyards and olive groves lie the main houses, consisting of several apartments, flower beds and sunlit courtyards.

Not far from the houses, on the end of a winding path you will find the old Mill House, nestled next to a stream, in the midst of greenery and the beauty of natural pools – an ideal place for retreats and contemplative rest.



Experience yourself beyond words

Poci’s special spaces with their hidden corners have always been a favorite destination for those who want to immerse themselves in nature. Here, you can take part in silent retreats, various seminars and a whole range of individual or group experiences created for the well-being of body and mind.

You can also unplug from everyday stress and carve out a few days of vacation whilst staying in contact with nature.

The people

These are the ones
who make it possible

Batya, Dieter, Duilio, Daniele, Cecilia, Alessandro, Elisabetta and Valentyna. People with different interests and backgrounds, united by a great passion for this special land.


Ti ho raccontato tanto di me.

Ask us all you would like to know and we will respond attentively.


Endless stories still to be told