We care for our agricultural land without the use of chemicals


We produce organically, maintaining a balanced ecosystem to ensure that it functions at its best. In Poci’s valley we allow for wild meadows which sustain the local flora and fauna. Soil tillage is minimal so as not to alter the vital substrate.

We use only organic fertilization after doing a thorough soil and foliage analysis.

To protect the olive trees and vines we mainly focus on stimulating autoimmunity.

To enable the grapes and olives to healthfully mature we treat the vines only with copper and sulphur and the olive trees only with copper.




The grapes from our vineyards are harvested by hand and gently placed in cases. Once in the cellar, the healthy and ripe bunches are immediately processed. They are first de-stemmed, separated and then the crushed grapes are pumped into stainless steel tanks to start the fermentation process with the addition of natural yeasts.

During this maceration phase the skins stay for 20-25 days in the must. This phase determines the visual, olfactory and aromatic characteristics of the wine.


Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed the malolactic fermentation begins, which gives greater body and softness to the wine.

Depending on the type of product we want to obtain, different ageing methods and time sequences are applied. We use stainless steel tanks and oak barrels such as barriques and tonneaux, which allow for continuous, slow oxygenation and maturation.


The olives

The olives from our olive groves are harvested by hand and transported to our trusted oil-mill where they are cold-pressed within 24 hours. This ensures that the intense qualitative and organoleptic characteristics of the oil are preserved.

The products

Wine and Oil from our organic ecosystem

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