Looking back on 2022


It has been an exciting and intense time since we published our new website in June, 2022 and sent out our last Newsletter.

Since that time we have been fully engaged with the production and marketing of our organic wines and olive oil, while remaining in touch with the ungraspable beauty of the nature surrounding us, listening to those precious moments which are beyond words.

We are grateful for the silent retreats which allow us to be with the essence of life again and again.

More about the retreats on our next blog.

Let us begin with the awards we received for the quality of our products and their labels.


Chianti Classico tasting competition 2022

In an online competition for the most beautiful label amongst 86 Chianti Classico wines, we were proud to receive the award for the best label.

Here is what Decanto wrote: “We tasted all the wines in a blind tasting, reserving our Instagram users the privilege of electing the best label by voting via their Instagram page. The award MIGLIOR ETICHETTA, best label, was received by the Azienda POCI for their Chianti Classico 2019 with 219 votes in the final against the Brancaia winery. POCI had brilliantly surpassed all the qualifications, the quarterfinals and the semifinals. Poci’s label was designed by the Andrea Castelletti Studio and feature the beautiful illustrations by Gianluca Foli They tell the story of a vibrant wine that comes from a love for nature. They invite the viewer to seek, make discoveries and change perspectives in order to find their hidden message.”

It was an exciting competition and we thank everyone who supported us on Instagram, @pocitoscana .
Our Poci Chianti Classico DOCG 2019 was evaluated by 10 experts in a blind tasting by Decanto Untold and received a 3 CAVATAPPI Award (3 cork screws) assigned to the wines with an average score between 90 and 100 points.

GRAPHIS - Honorable Mention for label design

Poci’s labels have been awarded with an Honorable Mention by @graphis_inc and will be featured in the prestigious Graphis Design Annual 2023.


Graphis, Inc. is an international publisher of books and awards for the visual communications industry. Based in New York City, Graphis presents and promotes the best submitted work in Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration.

Our labels were designed by:

Agency: Andrea Castelletti Studio

Creativ director: Andrea Castelletti

Art director: Andrea Castelletti, Andrea Flemma

Illustrator: Gianluca Foli

Graphic Designer: Andrea Flemma

Photos: Marco Biancucci


The Grape Harvest

After a very hot summer with extremely little rain we harvested excellent grapes which promise a fantastic 2022 wine.

Olive Harvest

This was one of the best years for the quantity of olives, more than 8000 kg which gave us nearly 1200 liters of fantastic Olive Oil.


The best way to buy our wines and olive oil is to order directly thru info@pocitoscana.com.

We are also selling regionally in Tuscany, Munich and Switzerland and hope to spread our wings even more next year.

We participated in the Chianti Classico Collection in Florence, in February, 2022.

We also participated in the Chianti Classico Degustazione event in Munich in the Künstlerhaus in November.   Great atmosphere, great contacts!

We are looking forward to our participation in three other important wine fairs: BUY WINE and CHIANTI CLASSICO COLLECTION 2023 in Florence and SLOW WINE in Bologna with the intention to enter international markets.

Our ever changing river

From a stream to a river to a turquoise current. Amazing changes.

After a long dry summer praying for rain, in late September arrived an enormous outpour of rains. It literally rained us a river, flooded our bridge, cleaned the river bed and purified the water to such a degree that its colour turned turquoise and we could see each pebble at the very bottom of the riverbed.

Indeed, Poci is “tales of nature” and as written on the back labels of our wines:
“It is here where nature performs every day anew where our wines are born.”


We celebrated the 31st of December with a bond fire that sent sparks all the way to the sky and to all of you, sending happy New Year wishes on your way.

Olive tree photos: 📷 Manu Theobald

Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti Studio

Copywriting: Hobo Studio

Photographer: Marco Biancucci

Web Design and Web Development: Federico Mazzoleni