These are the ones who make it possible

The people

Batya Schwartz and Dieter Mittelsten Scheid
Since their arrival in 1982, Batya and Dieter’s pursuit has been to preserve the purity and integrity of Poci. United by their love for nature, they dedicate themselves to sustaining a balance between their two passions, one for Poci’s land and its products and the other for the human spirit. Both the Poci wine and the Poci retreats reflect this devotion and the equilibrium they have maintained here throughout the years. Presently, they are committed to building a bridge to the future of Poci, broad enough to carry the magic of the old and the mission of the new.
Over the years, they have built a close-knit and motivated team, a team that feels like a family.

Duilio Pianigiani

Duilio Pianigiani devoted himself with boundless perseverance to the agriculture and maintenance of Poci for 50 years and today continues to offer valuable help and advice.

Daniele Pianigiani

Daniele Pianigiani, Duilio’s son, follows his father’s footsteps and is now responsible for all the work in the fields and the wine-cellar, using innovative methods and continuous passion.

Cecilia Marelli

Cecilia Marelli, Daniele’s companion, is responsible for the sale of our products, engaging herself fully.

Alessandro Vannocci

Alessandro Vannocci, Cecilia’s son, beginning his career as agrotechnician spends more and more time in the vineyards and the cellar, learning the secrets of the trade.

Elisabetta Lazzeri

Elisabetta Lazzeri, “perito agrario”, is Poci’s valuable guide in the organic cultivation of the vineyards and the winemaking in the cellar.

Valentyna Lobova

Valentyna Lobova, whose loving and patient hands are needed everywhere, is indispensable for Poci.


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